Transport and Logistics Managers Association

TRANSPORTLOG is a voluntary, non-governmental and non-profit association, established for an indefinite period in order to achieve goals, promote and protect the rights and interests of its members in the field of transport and logistics.

The primary goal and area of achieving the goals of the Transport and Logistics Managers Association TRANSPORTLOG is to improve the profession and culture of transport and logistics, achieve more organized and successful work of association members, strengthen standards and working conditions as well as ensure sustainable development for the transport and logistics sector.

In addition, the goals and objectives of the Association are:

  • gathering of transport and logistics managers in order to determine and promote their common interests, improve professional knowledge and establish an efficient and modern organized association;
  • improving the position, professional and business reputation of members and following world trends in the development of the profession;
  • improvement of work and business through increasing productivity and profitability by applying scientific and technological achievements in the field of transport and logistics; improvement of business practices of its members;
  • creating work plans and programs as well as adopting and developing standards and working conditions in order to perform tasks better;
  • organizing education, training, training of personnel in the field of transport and logistics;
  • protection of members of the Association and protection of common professional and business interests of members, as well as assistance to members to perform their activities under the most favorable conditions;
  • monitoring of regulations relevant to the activities of the Association's members and initiation of necessary legislative changes;
  • taking positions on issues that are of interest to its members, representing those positions and, in general, the interests of its members before the relevant state authorities, other persons and the public;
  • cooperation with educational institutions and organizations and organizing professional and scientific gatherings with the aim of educating members;
  • education of members through the organization of counseling, lectures, forums and training;
  • determining the rules of good business behavior of its members - moral code;
  • exchange of information and experiences in organizing and management;
  • providing services to its members and external persons through the provision of information and consulting;
  • cooperation with professional, expert, scientific organizations and institutions in order to improve and develop the profession and activities of the members.

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Years of experience

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Organization of the Association

Dejan Tubić, dipl. ing.

Deputy President of the Board of Directors

Prof. dr Aleksandar Manojlović, dipl. ing.

President of the Board of Directors

Jelena Trifunović,
dipl. ing.

General Secretary

Board of directors

Prof. dr Aleksandar Manojlović, dipl. ing.

Prof. dr Vladimir Momčilović, dipl. ing.

Dejan Tubić, dipl. ing.

Dušan Miletić, dipl. ing.

Milen Đokić, dipl. ing.

Miljan Vukićević, dipl. ing.

Dragan Simović, dipl. ing.

Membership in the Association

A member of the Association can be a natural or legal person. The decision on admission to membership is made by the Board of Directors. More detailed information about membership can be found in the Statute of the Association. For more information, please email us at: office@transportlog.org.rs or on the Contact Us page

Download the Statute of the Association [.pdf]